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Assignment writing is all about the planning.  When you are writing assignments, it is essential to make a detailed plan first. Doing this not only speeds up the assignments writing process, but it also ensures that your essay has a natural and considered flow, with limited repetition and a direct purpose.  Continue reading for help to plan an assignment and other assignment writing help.assignment writing, plan an assignment, writing assignments, assignments writing, assignment writing help


There are a couple of things you need to know about assignments writing before you can start planning your essay, along with specific information like the title of your assignment and the word count.  It is important to keep to the word count as you may be penalised for exceeding or not reaching the word count. Once you have this information you can start planning.



Assignment Writing: A Basic Structure

To plan an assignment you need to think about these five areas:

1. Introduction:

In assignments writing, you will want to keep the introduction short and sweet.  Studies show that the impact your assignment makes will largely come from the opening and closing statements, so really draw the reader into your writing.  Show that you understand the essay question, describe what your assignment is going to investigate by using the question title, but not copying the essay title completely.


2. Beginning: 

Break your answer into three sections, part one goes here.


3. Middle:

Break your answer into three sections, part two goes here.


4. End: 

Break your answer into three sections, part three goes here. 


5. Conclusion:

This will also be relatively short and will be a sum up of everything that you have looked at and the conclusions you have come to.  End with a memorable closing sentence to make your assignment stand out from the rest.


The content for the beginning, middle and end will largely depend upon the assignment. Look at everything that you need to cover within the assignment and work out the natural flow to covering all of this information, place bullet points under the headings of beginning, middle and end with details you intend to include.  Make sure every piece of information is placed onto the assignment plan in the form of a bullet point.

From this you will be able to better allocate your word count, giving the highest word count to the sections with the most information and of the highest importance.


Plan an Assignment: Example of an Essay Plan

Title:                 “Why should I use Lisa Thomas Writing Services?”
Word count:      1000 words

Introduction:                                                                   100 words

It is becoming an ever increasingly popular choice to use Lisa Thomas Writing Services for writing and proof reading services,  this essay is designed to look at the reasons behind the success of Lisa Thomas Writing Services and the vast benefits of using quality professional writing services.

Beginning:                                                                        200 words
  • Talk about Lisa Thomas’ experience.
  • Highlight Lisa Thomas Writing Services passion for writing and client satisfaction.
Middle:                                                                                 300 words
  • Explain the wide range of writing services on offer.
  • Highlight that Lisa Thomas Writing services is experienced in working to a tight deadline.
End:                                                                                      300 words
  • Highlight the excellent positive feedback from clients.
  • Explore the high number of returning clients.
  • Mention the portfolio of clients from all around the globe.
Conclusion:                                                                           100 words

Reviewing the facts highlighted from this assignment, it is clear to see that Lisa Thomas Writing Services offers more writing services than most writing services companies.  Further to this, prices are affordable and there is evidence of a high level of customer satisfaction, all of this ensures that Lisa Thomas Writing Service’s popularity is continuing to grow.

To learn more about how to plan an assignment or other assignment writing help, read this useful document from the University of Nottingham.



Assignments Writing help from Lisa Thomas Writing Services

If you use this as a guide and carefully plan your assignment writing you should find it much easier to write.  For assignment writing help, or if you require your assignment to be proof read, contact me for a quote.

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