Writing Services Tips: Know your Audience, Know your Purpose

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General writing tips from Lisa Thomas Writing Services.

When you have a conversation with someone, you adapt the way in which you talk, the vocabulary you use, the formality of your speech etc. to better suit the person you are speaking to and the situation you are in.  When it comes to writing the same rules must apply, the tone, formality, vocabulary etc. that you use in your writing must be well suited to both your target audience and the purpose of the text.

The  Audience

Once you know who you are writing for, how to adapt the style of your writing should be pretty much common sense. Once you know your target audience, you can start to answer some of the following questions:

How much does your target audience already know about your subject?  Understanding what your audience already knows will give you a starting point from which to build upon.

How much will they want to know? And how much do you need them to know?  You need to know this regardless
of what you are writing, whether it is an assignment or a story.  Understanding how much information you need to put into your writing will help you when it comes to planning your work.

If you are hoping to reach a large target audience, then you should write your text to the ‘lowest skilled’ of your target audience, so that you know everyone who reads your work will understand its content and the vocabulary you use.

The Purpose

Highlighting the purpose of your writing will help you to decide what tone to use, how formal your piece needs to be, how much detail you need to include and how complex your writing should be, amongst other things.  Once you know what your purpose is you should ask yourself some of the following questions:

How formal does the purpose require me to be?  For academic or business purposes you will need to be formal, when writing for something like a blog you can be a little more creative.

How much detail is required? If you are writing an information booklet, or a PhD thesis, the answer will be that a great amount of details is required.  For something like a sales brochure, however, you might be required to include less information but still plenty of details within a smaller space.

This appreciation of the elements of Audience and Purpose will virtually form your writing style for you. And with time, just like we can subconscious vary our conversational styles, you will start to subconsciously vary your writing style, naturally adapting to the style that most suits the needs of the readers and the goals of the text.


If you are writing for a dedicated purpose or audience, you might be under pressure to get it exactly right.  Why not consider hiring professional writing services to help, such as Lisa Thomas Writing Services.  I not only provide proof reading and editing services, but I also provide full writing service and critique writing services.

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