What is Digital Marketing?

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Digital Marketing is a diverse and well-rounded area that includes many sub-specialties.  Understanding it is important in developing and implementing an effective digital marketing strategy and strong digital marketing campaign. From content writing, through to analytics, a digital marketer needs to be extremely familiar with all areas of digital marketing.


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What does Digital Marketing include?

Digital marketing is completely different to traditional forms of marketing.  Though this does not mean it should not replace traditional marketing completely. Instead it is better to run a traditional and a digital marketing campaign alongside one another.  To help you differentiate between the two, here is what digital marketing includes:


Content Writing

Unique and high-quality content writing is key for attracting new customers to your website and converting these visitors into customers.  A good digital marketer needs to have the skills and time to write effective strong content, regularly. Moreover, this content needs to be completely exclusive, it should be informative and interesting and it should engage the reader.   Content writing is one of the areas most people struggle with, therefore many individuals and small businesses outsource this to a professional digital marketer.



Digital marketers need to implement SEO (search engine optimised) content into their writing to boost their rankings in search results.  By having search optimised content writing you ensure your website shows in organic search results, proving your business to be a thought-leader.  Moreover, studies have shown appearing in the first few pages of organic search results is much more effective and cheaper than PPC (pay-per-click) advertising).  For good SEO results and strong keywork ranking, a digital marketer needs to invest time into creating the highest quality content. To search engine optimise your content, you need to research keywords and implement these into your writing.  However, this can be time-consuming and difficult to achieve, which is where an experienced digital marketer and content writer can help.


Social Media

Social media marketing is becoming increasing more popular as an excellent way of marketing a business and brand and reaching a wider audience.  A digital marketer needs to ensure your business has a strong online presence to develop trust with customers. To effectively engage in social media marketing you need to research your audience, understand exactly who they are and which social media sites they use and when.  All of this will help you to develop a social media marketing strategy.  A digital marketer would complete this research for you, creating a strategy and implementing it.



A good digital marketer will continually analyse the success of a digital marketing campaign and social media marketing campaign, using various forms of analytics.  From this they will therefore find areas where improvements need to be made and highlight posts that have the most impact. From the results of this, they will need to revise and adjust the social media marketing and digital marketing strategy accordingly. Analytics is an on-going process that is incredibly important in ensuring the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign.



A complete optimisation includes SEO, as well as other elements that will impact Google ranking.  Such as images with alt tags, inbound and outbound links, internal linking (within your own website), URL’s all indexed accordingly and no broken links or pages, etc.  All of this is considered in Google algorithms and will impact upon on highly your website is ranked.  Having your website designed by a professional will help this, but equally, a good digital marketer should also be able to optimise your website for you.



Digital marketers do advertise, but not in the traditional sense.  Instead of leaflets etc. they will use network ad programs such as Facebook ads and promoted tweets.  A good digital marketer will usually save money on paid advertising by utilising these forms of advertising.  Moreover, this form of advertising allows you to target your demographic audience.


Web Design

Your website is often the face of your company. It needs to reflect your brand and vision, while being easy to navigate and use, with a good user experience.  It needs to be fully operational, with no broken links or missing pages and it needs to be updated regularly.  But, most importantly it needs to sell your services/goods and be visually appealing and attractive to your target audience.  Analyse your website and ask yourself, does it reflect your company and values? Does it advertise your good and services well? Does it look professional?  Would you buy from it? Is it easy to navigate? These are some of the many questions you need to ask, therefore, having your website professionally designed will greatly help here.


How a digital marketing campaign, digital marketing strategy and digital marketer can impact your business.

This may seem a lot but if you focus on these points, your digital marketing campaign will be much more successful. Which means you will attract a wider audience and potentially expand your customer base. You can do all of this yourself.  Though it will take time and you will need to develop your skills first.  Alternatively, there are plenty of digital marketing companies that you can outsource all of this to.


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