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It is easy to see why so many applicants turn to professional writing services when faced with writing a personal statement.  The success (or failure) of your application can depend entirely on the personal statement being excellently written and selling you as an applicant, but it is often difficult to include all the necessary information while keeping it concise.  Having plenty of experience in personal statement writing services, I decided to put together a short guide to help anyone wanting to write their own personal statement.

1. First and foremost, look at the criteria given to you by the establishment you are applying too.  Does it have any instructions such as particular questions it wants you to ask or a word count?  If so, take note of these, you will need it when you come to plan your personal statement.

2.  Think about what you want and don’t want to include in your personal statement, remember this shouldn’t just be a re-hash of your CV, they will have a list of your experience and education so you do not need to repeat it all here. Use whatever information you consider relevant, and try to cover the following:

  • What made you interested in pursuing this?
  • What have you done to put yourself in a good position to pursue your goals?
  • What are your short term goals and long term objectives?
  • How will applying to this course help you to achieve these goals and objectives?
  • What skills/knowledge have you gained and how you can you utilise these to prove yourself beneficial if your application is successful?

3. Plan your personal statement in bullet points so that you can create a good flow and structure to your piece and ensure you do no leave any information out.  Use this plan to go onto write your personal statement.

When writing your personal statement, here are Lisa Thomas Writing Services tips:

  • Keep it direct and concise, remember there will be hundreds if not thousands of other applicants and those responsible for selecting  a shortlist will have personal statements and CV’s for each one.  If your personal statement is too long you risk the chance of it not being read in full. Make it one, two pages long maximum.
  • Only include relevant information, if you talk about how great you are at volleyball, you need to say how this is related to your application, such as “I played volleyball for three years, learning skills in discipline, team-work and leadership “.
  • Provide evidence, if you say you have done something or learnt something, try to back it up with an example of a particular experience.  Although, don’t do this for each and every point you make, select your best two or three examples.
  • Use positive wording, avoid saying things like ‘I am going to try to get good grades’ and instead say ‘I firmly believe with hard work and a dedication to my studies I will gain excellent grades’.

Considering the importance of the personal statement in your application it would be wise to familiarise yourself with what should and should not be included and the above tips from Lisa Thomas Writing Services for writing a personal statement.  Remember, professional writing services are always there to help if you need it, whether you want your personal statement proof reading and editing or written completely from scratch.

For more information about the writing services provided for applicants see here.

Lisa Thomas Writing Services would like to wish you the best of luck for your application.

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