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When applying to a university, college or school you might be asked to provide a statement of purpose to support your application, this is sometime optional, though, it should always be included.  Writing a statement of purpose is often quite daunting, especially if you’ve never had to write one before, fortunately there are plenty of professional writing services available to guide you through the process or even write your statement of purpose for you.

A statement of purpose offers you the chance to support your application, by giving you the chance to explain:

  • What motivates you to study this particular subject.
  • How you have gained knowledge/experience/skills in the subject already.
  • What your short and long term goals are. 
  • How this program will help you to achieve these goals. 
  • How you will prove of benefit to the establishment you’re applying to. 

Unlike a personal statement, a statement of purpose focuses less on the first two bullet points and more on the final three (the three in bold).  To help you to write your statement of purpose, here are some tips from Lisa Thomas (LT) Writing Services of what to do, and what not to do:


  • Check to see if there are any guidelines, such as word count limits or specific questions that need answering.
  • Keep it to the point, be direct and concise, avoid waffling.
  • Include relevant information and give examples of past experience that showcase your skills/knowledge.
  • Plan your statement of purpose from start to end, think about all the information you want to include and bullet point these so you don’t forget to include any.  Use these bullet points to form a structure, a flow to your statement of purpose.
  • Use positive wording such as “I will attain my goals” .
  • Express a passion for wanting to study this subject in particular.


  • Be irrelevant, avoid talking about anything that isn’t directly relate to the program you are applying for.  If you say something that seems irrelevant, make it relevant somehow or leave it out, for example if you talk about an unrelated job, say what skills it gave you that you can use in the program.
  • Talk too much about the past, a quarter of your statement of purpose, maximum, should be centered around your past and why you chose this subject, the remainder should focus on your goals, how you are going to achieve them, and how the course will be of benefit to you, and you to it.
  • Create a lengthy document, keep your statement of purpose to one, two pages.  Remember the person selecting a shortlist for this course will have hundreds, maybe thousands of applicants to read, all of which will be submitting supporting documents just like you.

And one important LT Writing Services tip to remember.  Always, always,  proof read your work.


If, after reading these tips, you are still struggling to write your statement of purpose, why not get a one of the many statement of purpose writing services to do it for you.   Most writing services will offer a full writing services package along with a proof reading and editing service and a critique service, enabling you to make improvements to your statement of purpose.  Lisa Thomas Writing Services offers an abundance of application writing services, including statement of purpose writing, see the full range of application writing services here.


Lisa Thomas Writing Services would like to wish you the best of luck with your application.

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