"Lisa Thomas Writing Services, providing businesses with SEO Content Writing for websites and blogs, along with Digital Marketing Services, including Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management (ORM)."

Also helping job seekers and students with all their application writing requirements, including resumes, personal statements, admission essays and letters of recommendation.

Looking for a content writer for your website?  Or a digital marketer skilled in social medial marketing and online reputation management?  Or do you need help with a job or school application?  If you are, then you’re in the right place. With a proven track record, experienced writer, Lisa Thomas Writing Services provides a selection of affordable and high quality writing and digital marketing services. Satisfaction guaranteed with a professional and qualified, UK based writer and digital marketer. 


High Quality Writing and Digital Marketing is Essential

Writing represents you, it reflects your business, it sells your goods/services.  Your writing is the face of your company.  Moreover, quality writing is crucial in the success of digital marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns and Online Reputation Management.  All of which are essential in protection of business reputation, expanding customer base,  brand development and increasing brand awareness.  While, for school or job applicants, your writing showcases you as the ideal candidate for your perfect job/academic program. 

Whether you are a business or an applicant, high-quality writing is critical to your success. This is where an experienced writer (UK based writer) can help. 


In this digital world we live in, lack of attention to your online presence could result in the failure of your business. According to Shopify: Cumulative data from Statista anticipates a 246.15% increase in worldwide ecommerce sales, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021“.   While, according to Word Stream, “75% of male internet users are on Facebook as well as 83% of female internet users“.  In addition,  “over 50 million businesses use Facebook Business Pages“.  

So, for your business to be a success, you need a well-researched and comprehensive digital marketing strategy.  And this should include an active presence on social media.



My Writing services and Digital Marketing Services

Below, you will see a list of all of my services, to find out more, simply click on the service you are interested in. 

Writing Services:

writing services

Content writing: Search Engine Optimised website content writing for web pages, posts, blogs and articles.

Applications writing:  For university, college, residency/fellowship and job applicants. Applications writing includes: personal statements, statement of purpose, application/admission essay’s, resume/CV, cover and follow-up letters.

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Digital Marketing Services:

Social Media Marketing: Having a presence on social media is incredibly beneficial.  Moreover, it is one of the best ways to market your business and heighten brand awareness.

Online Reputation Management: Knowing what people are saying about your brand online is incredibly important.  So is acting upon any negative comments/content you find, in a timely manner and using the most suitable process.  Even strong businesses have ceased trading because they haven’t managed their online reputation.


Read more about Digital Marketing                                      See Digital Marketing Services charges


How an experienced writer and professional digital marketer can help

Without unique and quality content, a business won’t attract as many customers.  If your business doesn’t have a strong digital marketing strategy and website content, your website will have fewer visitors, and less visitors converting to customers.  If you lack in valuable and engaging content, your social media campaign will be futile.  What’s more, without excellent content, many online reputation management measures wouldn’t be possible.  Equally, if your application writing isn’t professional, or it doesn’t highlight your accomplishments, you’re less likely to be successful. 

The success of your business, digital marketing campaign or school/job application is incredibly important.  Therefore, nothing less than exceptional writing should be your goal. For this you may want to consider professional writing services. 


Hiring an experienced writer helps to ensure your writing is of the highest quality and entirely unique to you, to make your endeavours more successful.  In the same way, a professional digital marketer can help you to determine the best digital marketing strategy and social media marketing strategy, implement these strategies for you and ensure your online reputation is maintained.  Click here to see more about me and how I can help you. 



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Experienced, UK Based Writer

As a professional, UK based writer, my client reviews are excellent.  Don’t take my word for it, check them out for yourself on my client feedback page.  My global portfolio of clients is continuing to grow, to include reputable businesses (of all sizes), as well as individuals.  In addition, a large number of my clients have become regular and/or referring clients, despite coming to me with the view of placing a one-off order.  Click here to see some of the many benefits of hiring me as your writing specialist.

As an experienced writer (UK based writer), with an extensive background, I have gained exposure to an array of industries/specialties.  There are very few subjects I haven’t yet written about and very few audiences I haven’t yet written for.  Therefore, it is likely that I have experience of writing for your specific field, even if you work in a complex business.  In addition, I can tailor my writing style to suit you, your audience and the purpose of the document.  For example, if you’re applying to study in the US, I can write in US-English. This diversity in experience, therefore, gives peace of mind that your writing/digital marketing will be of the highest standard.


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Writing Services

My writing services include Search Engine Optimised Content Writing for websites, blogs and articles, for businesses of all sizes. Application writing services include everything an applicant might need to apply for a job or school, such as: personal statements, application essays, letters of recommendation, statement of purposes and CVs.

Digital Marketing Services

Qualified in Advanced Digital Marketing and Advanced Social Media Marketing, I am now an enthusiastic digital marketer.  Who is excited to expand services to include: digital marketing services, social media marketing services and online reputation management (ORM) services.

Client Feedback

” Thank you Lisa Thomas Writing Services for helping me complete my website. With your help I was able to
flood my website with content without having the hassle of writing it. I shall recommend you and use again
if my site takes off. You are affordable, friendly and efficient. Thanks, Shaun, STLogos.co.uk. ”
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