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I am Lisa Thomas, professional writer and digital marketer and proud founder of Lisa Thomas Writing Services.  Located in Birmingham in the UK.  I am educated to degree level, with a BA Hons in English, Media and  Communications. In addition to qualifications in Digital Marketing, Advanced Digital Marketing and Advanced Social Media Marketing.   I therefore, have years of experience providing a range of writing services, digital marketing services, social media marketing services and online reputation management (ORM) services. 


Professional Writer: Writing Services


The Bio of a Professional Writer

I have always been a keen writer and an avid reader.  Throughout school, college and university I wrote for newspapers, magazines and even a radio station (presenting the shows I wrote).  I have also written short stories and pieces of prose, winning awards for some of my poetry.


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Following this I continued to write for pleasure, but began to write or provide editing services for other people too, a service that quickly became popular. Article and blog writing services has been a continual source of work for me. I have written hundreds of articles and blogs for various online magazines and websites, most of which can be viewed online.  I have provided content writing for a number of different company websites, which includes writing the information for the company website pages to include keywords, as well as writing things like product descriptions, leaflets information and press releases.  Another popular service is personal statement writing for applications into universities or for jobs.  This has service has been gaining in popularity, allowing me to work with people from all countries.


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Founding Lisa Thomas Writing Services

My experience is vast, I have been providing writing services for years and finally became a self employed, full-time professional writer in February 2012, establishing Lisa Thomas Writing Services .  The demand for my writing services has continued to grow with returning clients, referring clients and new clients requiring my professional writing services.  I now find myself in a position, therefore, where I no longer need to use any form of paid advertising to promote my services.


Moving into Digital Marketing

Beginning as a content writer, I quickly secured regular clients.  These clients soon started requesting search engine optimised content, something I didn’t have much knowledge of.  As a professional writer, I researched SEO to understand what it was and told my clients that I would first need to gain qualifications, to ensure I did a good job.  While they thought it was a great idea to educate myself further, they trusted that I would complete the job without having had it, so they requested I begin SEO content for them right away.  So I did, and it was very successful, I managed to self-teach myself enough to not just do the work, but to do it well.  But the requests started to grow, from SEO content, to digital marketing, social media marketing and even online reputation management (ORM) services.  Luckily, I had already started to study digital marketing.


Digital Marketing Qualifications

(including Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management)

Now I have a Diploma in Digital Marketing. for which I was awarded a Distinction.  In addition to an Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing, for which I was awarded a Distinction.  As well as an Advanced Diploma in Social Media Marketing, for which I am awaiting the results.  This has allowed me to expand my services to Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management (ORM).  These are areas which I have now realised, go hand-in-hand with my current content writing services.  Moreover, these new services allow me to help my clients in so many new ways.


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Advanced TEFL/ TESL Qualification

Wanting to provide my customers with the best service possible, I listen to and act on feedback from customers.  While also continually improving my own knowledge and skills.  Many clients began asking me to provide English lessons, usually to prepare for IELTS examinations.  Not wanting to provide this help without having had adequate training first, I therefore began studying.  Enrolling to study an ‘Advanced Teaching English as a Foreign Language” program,  with 150 hours of training and 6 observations.  I have now passed this program and am certified to teach English as a foreign language/second language.



Lisa Thomas Writing Services…The Present

I thoroughly love being a professional writer and digital marketer.  Each day brings a new project, in a varied industry and a different client with specific needs. I gain immense satisfaction when a client tells me she finally got into that dream university course.  Or an applicant was commended on their professional CV.  When a new business owner has seen more traffic to their website and increased business. Moreover, I love that my clients are driving me to challenge myself.  They encourage me to take myself out of my comfort zone and try something new, develop my knowledge.  Years ago, I had a dream that I would do what I loved for a living, to write full-time.  Today, I am living that dream with some of the most amazing clients on board for the ride.


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