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When you apply for a new job, you will usually be asked for a copy of your professional CV.  The prospective employer will use this to determine whether or not you are suitable for the vacancy advertised.  If your business CV is well-written and shows your experience and skills, you are far more likely to secure an interview.  So much hinges on having the perfect CV that it can overwhelming when it comes to starting your job CV writing.  Fortunately, there’s lots of free help and CV writing tips available.


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CV Writing Tips from is a global employment website. Created in 1999, posts job opportunities across more than 30 countries.  Calling themselves “a global leader in connecting people to jobs”, knows how to match people to their ideal job AND how to make an applicant more desirable to an employer.  They help people to create a professional CV that stands out from the crowd.  As a leader in employment, have created lots of videos and materials to help job applicants. Including the below video on “how to write a good CV”

Take a look at this short video and listen to the CV writing tips from the leading professionals in the business. “How to Write a good CV”


Job CV Writing tips

The above video has given you lots of tips on how to write the perfect, professional CV.  Here are some of the tips you might have picked up from the video, plus a few others I threw in for fun:

  • Don’t forget the basic information.  There are some things that should be included in every resume, including:
    • Contact information
    • Education/qualifications
    • Professional experience
    • Skills
    • References
  • Keep it to 1 or 2 pages. All good CV’s are concise and to the point. It might be tempting to include absolutely everything you can think of on your CV, but this isn’t a good idea. Keep in mind that prospective employers will have lots of resumes to read and you want to make sure they read ALL of your resume.
  • Tailor your CV.  Having a generic CV is fine, but you should always tailor it towards the job you are applying for.  This doesn’t mean completely rewriting your resume, it just means editing your CV so that its perfect for the job you are applying for.
  • Use the job description. Every vacancy has a job description and this tells you what experiences and skills the employer is looking for. When you edit your CV keep these in mind and make sure you show in your resume that you possess the skills and experience they are looking for.
  • Update your CV regularly.  There’s nothing worse than an out of date resume, always update your CV.
  • Presentation.  Make your resume look professional and stand out from the other CV’s.
  • References. You either need to include the details of your referees, or state that references are available upon request.


For more tips, read this interesting article from the Guardian.


Professional CV services

Still not sure how to write a good CV?  Or don’t have the time? Maybe you would like the peace of mind of knowing your CV is perfect?  Not a problem, there are lots of different companies offering professional CV services. These companies will not only make sure the content of your business CV is good, but they will also make it look amazing.  Helping your CV to stand out from the crowd, a professional CV service will create a CV that is well-formatted and breaks away from the boring CV template so many people use.

Lisa Thomas Writing Services can help you to write your CV.  Navigate your way through my website to find out more.


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