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Application Writing Blogs Regardless of what you are applying for you will need to go through an application process.   This usually includes creating application writing, such as a resume, personal statement, application essay etc.  There’s a fine line between selling yourself and bragging.  Equally it is easy to undersell yourself and not highlight your skills. It can be a daunting task to try to find that happy medium.  But you need to create supporting documents that make you stand out from the hundreds, or thousands, of other applicants. That is what these application writing blogs are designed to do. My application writing blogs are designed to help applicants write outstanding supporting documents.  I provide you with impartial and incredibly helpful information.  Read through my blogs to understand what information you need to include when writing your application.  Here you should get a better understanding of what is considered relevant to your application. I aim to help you feel more confident in your application writing.

CV and Resume mistakes: a video from

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Resume writing, CV writing, cover letter writing and follow up letter writing are all incredibly important when it comes to applying for courses/jobs.  To give yourself the best chance to be successful in your application, you should make yourself aware of the common letter and resume mistakes.  So that you can avoid making the same mistakes…Read more.

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Write a cover letter: video tips from the professionals at Forbes

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Writing a cover letter is your opportunity to summarise the important parts of your application.  You can highlight your accomplishments and show how you are the ideal candidate. In addition to this, you can also express your passion and enthusiasm and inject your personality into your letter.  A strong letter could be what makes you stand out from the crowd.  So, you need to make sure you write a cover letter that is concise, informative and memorable. 

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Statement of Purpose: Writing Tips Video by the University of Washington

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To be successful in your application, you need to ensure your statement of purpose (SOP) is well-written. It needs to be effective and make you stand out from the crowd.  Therefore, I have put together some helpful hints and sourced a video from the University of Washington. Learn the ins and outs of statement of purpose writing (SOP writing) and applications writing, to make your application a success…Read more.

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Personal Statement Writing: help writing personal statements

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When it comes to writing personal statements it is important to try to understand what a personal statement is.  To do this, it is a good idea therefore, to listen to some academics, the professionals who are used to reading personal statements.  From this you will understand what they like to see, or not see as the case may be and some of the pitfalls you want to avoid in your personal statement…Read more.

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Statement of Purpose Writing: help to write your statement

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Your statement of purpose distinguishes you from the crowd, so it needs to be well-written. This blog is designed to help you write a statement of purpose that is strong and gives your application the best chance of success. Read more for some professional statement of purpose help.

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Personal Statement Help: how to write a personal statement

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Your personal statement is an incredibly important part of your application.  It gives the reader a sense of who you are and the success of your application could depend on the strength of your personal statement. To help you, here is a personal statement help guide.

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