Statement of Purpose: Writing Tips Video by the University of Washington

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To be successful in your application, you need to ensure your statement of purpose (SOP) is well-written. It needs to be effective and make you stand out from the crowd.  Therefore, I have put together some helpful hints and sourced a video from the University of Washington. Learn the ins and outs of statement of purpose writing (SOP writing) and applications writing, to make your application a success.


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Statement of Purpose Writing (SOP Writing) Tips

Continuing your education is an exciting time, but that doesn’t mean it is always going to be easy.  The process of applying alone is often lengthy and time consuming.  Most universities will require applicants to send across supporting documents, including resumes and often a personal statement or a statement of purpose.  It is incredibly important that these documents reflect you, your education, experience and accomplishments, as well as your personal background.  For the best chance of your application being successful, you need to make sure that the statement and any other supporting documents you send, make you stand out from the many other applicants and show you to be the perfect choice.

More Statement of Purpose (SOP) writing tips

The best way to prepare yourself for writing your supporting documents is to understand exactly what the person reading it wants to see.  In this case, you need to understand what universities consider to be a good statement of purpose and how they think you should write it.  Here is a short video from the professionals at the University of Washington, 10 of their best tips for writing an effective statement.  This is an incredibly helpful tool for anyone writing a statement of purpose, especially if you have never had to write one before.


“10 Tips for writing an effective statement of purpose” from the University of Washington


Once you have written your statement, it is a good idea to have a friend or relative read through it.  They should check for spelling and grammar errors and also ensure the document makes sense and the content has value.  As you have written the document, you know exactly what you are trying to say. Therefore you may not be able to edit your document properly.


Professional help with your applications writing

For more interesting tips, see this useful post from The Princeton Review.

As an experienced statement of purpose (SOP) writer, I can therefore create you the perfect SOP from scratch.  Or I can help you to edit and refine one that you have written.

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