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Whatever the size of your business, having unique and high quality website content writing is essential. The success (or failure) of your business can very much hinge on the content on your website. Therefore, it is is incredibly important. Online content writing is a unique style of writing that incorporates SEO.  It is much more disciplined and results driven than other forms of writing.  For ultimate success, you might want to consider hiring a website content writer/online content writer.

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The online content writing services I provide include:

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Why is content writing important?

The content writing on your website will play a major role in selling your products or services to potential customers.  It also sells you as a company, your brand and the quality of service you provide.

It is essentially the face of your business, therefore you want to make sure it is of the highest quality.

Moreover, your content directly impacts on your ranking with Google.  If your writing is search engine optimised, unique and relevant, you will see your website appearing in organic search engine results.  The higher quality your content is, the higher you will appear in these search results.  Potentially even landing yourself on the first page.  By appearing in organic search results you are driving traffic to your website.

Hiring a website content writer VS writing the content yourself

Given the importance of the content writing on your website, you really need to ensure it is of the highest standard.  However, it can be very time consuming and difficult to get right.  Which is why hiring a professional writer is often the much more sensible and financially beneficial choice.

With quality content, you will see more visitors to your site being transferred into customers and ultimately, your business will become more successful.

According to Wikipedia A website content writer or web content writer specializes in providing relevant content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience and requires different content. Content should contain key words aimed towards improving a website’s SEO“.  Therefore, an online content writer should always take the time to understand your business, to create website content writing that is unique and relevant, while engaging your audience.

Writing your own website content writing


  • Writing your own online content writing is free, all you need to dedicate is time.
  • You can use your own voice, tone and style, this therefore lets you reflect the business tone and values.
  • You can promote your business strengths through writing your own website content writing.
  • Helps you to become a thought-leader, and therefore influential, in your industry.


  • It can be very time consuming, especially if you’re not a natural writer.
  • It can distract you from focusing on other aspects of running your business.
  • You will need to learn the skills to write effectively, therefore taking more of your time.
  • You will need to update your content regularly, as close to daily as possible.

Hiring a website content writer


  • You are ensuring regular content is posted to your site.
  • Adds more dimension to the content, potentially engaging more customers.
  • Gives the impression that your company is bigger than it is.
  • A professional writer will create high quality writing.
  • Experienced content writers understand SEO, in addition, they implement it in your content.
  • A good writer might be able to re-purpose some older content, therefore turning ineffective writing into content with impact.


  • You get what you pay for, therefore, if your budget is tight and you hire the cheapest writing service, this may be reflected in the quality of writing.
  • If your content writer isn’t an expert in your field, their writing may lack dimension, or even be inaccurate.
  • A content writer can be quite expensive, however, the positive return from their work often covers this.
  • You may get quantity over quality.

If you would like to read more about the pros and cons of completing your online content writing yourself, or hiring a professional to do it for you, read this interesting article by business2community.

Completing website content writing yourself

You may be considering writing the content for your website yourself. There are even courses that you can attend designed to teach you the skills you need. In addition, there are lots of useful tools and guides available online, such as this beginners guide to writing good digital content, from Scrunch.  Here are some of their top tips for doing your own online content writing:

  1. Research: always research before you start writing.  Research the topic you intend to discuss, in addition to understanding what you hope to achieve/your audience/where and when it will be published, etc.
  2. Plan your content writing: write a structure for your piece, know exactly what you want to include and where.
  3.  Keywords: research the keywords you need to rank for and make sure these are included in the writing.
  4. Add visual elements: to make the writing more appealing and break up long blocks of text.
  5. Add plenty of subheadings
  6. Proof read, over and over again, until you are completely happy with the document.

As with anything, effective online content writing is a skill that needs to be mastered.  While website content writing may not come easy to you, it will become easier over time, with practice.  However, if you don’t have the time, or do not want to master these skills, there is always the option of hiring a professional to do it for you.

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