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Deciding who to trust with your writing can be a tricky decision.  There are plenty of writing companies advertising on search websites, equally there are a high number of self-employed freelance writers advertising their writing too. It may be appealing to choose the cheapest writing service, digital marketer, social media marketer or online reputation manager (ORM Manager).  However, it is often a wiser decision to choose a more experienced, qualified and reputable service, such as Lisa Thomas Writing Service.


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So…why should you choose Lisa Thomas Writing Service?


Almost 100% customer satisfaction

You can see some of the excellent reviews I have had from previous and existing clients in the ‘client feedback’ section.


Extremely high client return rate

Despite most of my clients coming to me with only one writing job in mind, a large percentage of my clients have even become regular and even referring clients.


A global portfolio of clients

Consisting of reputable businesses, of all sizes and various individuals from all around the world.


A competitive price

Though I may not be the cheapest writer or digital marketer, I ensure I keep my prices competitive. I will never overcharge and will never request a payment for work not completed on time or not of a high quality.


A quick turnaround

An experienced writer, digital marketer, social media marketer and online reputation manager (ORM manager). I am used to working under time restraints and to tight deadlines.  Therefore, I am able to complete work with a quick turnaround, which is ideal if you are coming up against your deadline.


Vastly experienced

I have years of experience in content and application writing and editing, in addition, to experience in digital marketing.  Furthermore, I am well-educated, enthusiastic and I take pride in my work.


A realistic approach

If you request work that I cannot complete to a high standard or before the deadline given, I will tell you immediately.  I have never ‘bitten off more than I could chew’, though this doesn’t mean I haven’t stretched myself.


Secure payments

I think it gives peace of mind to my clients if they are able to pay via PayPal.  Because PayPal cover both parties and are able to help with resolutions.  However, if you prefer to pay via bank transfer, I can send you my details.  I will never ask you to disclose any of your bank information.



The benefits of hiring Lisa Thomas Writing Services

In me, you get an experienced, UK based SEO content writer, editor and application writer.  In addition to this, you also benefit from a professional digital marketer, social media marketer and online reputation manager (ORM Manager).  As well as an individual who continues learning and keeps up-to-date with industry changes, such as changes to Google’s algorithm.


Not only have I proven to be good at what I do, I thoroughly enjoy it too!  The passion for writing is something that is directly reflected in the work that I produce.


Now you know the benefits of using my writing and digital marketing services.  Click on one of the links below to choose the service you need and find out more information:



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