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Resume writing, CV writing, cover letter writing and follow up letter writing are all incredibly important when it comes to applying for courses/jobs.  To give yourself the best chance to be successful in your application, you should make yourself aware of the common letter and resume mistakes.  So that you can avoid making the same mistakes.


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Letter and Resume Mistakes

To prepare yourself to write a good resume and cover letter you should familiarise yourself with what should be included in these documents, the format that they should be written in and what recruiters and readers expect to see in them.  It is also a good idea to read up about resume and cover letter mistakes, so that you can avoid doing any of them.

A video from

These are’s tips and tricks for avoiding letter and resume mistakes, but to make sure you know what all of these mistakes are, you should read a few more blogs from professionals first.


More tips for resume writing/CV writing and cover letter writing/follow up letter writing

To save you some time, I have read numerous articles from some of the leading professionals. These professionals provide advice in common letter and resume mistakes.  Here are some of their tips for resume writing/CV writing and cover letter writing/follow up letter writing:


Not proofreading documents:

Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and simple typo’s can not only ruin the professionalism of your document but it also shows that you lack attention to detail and might even give the give the impression that you haven’t put all your effort into your application.


Creating long documents:

Though you might think you need to include absolutely everything, you shouldn’t.  In fact to keep these documents to one page (or as close as possible) you should only include what is relevant to your application. Remember, the person be reading your application will have lots of other documents to read from other applicants. Therefore, they prefer concise, short and direct documents.


Creating a generic document:

Using a generic document for a variety of applications is not a good idea.  It is preferable that you amend the documents to tailor them towards the role you are applying for.


Addressing the letter to the wrong person:

Make sure you know exactly who you should be addressing your supporting documents to. If you are unsure, use Dear Sir/Madam, or To Whom It May Concern.


Being too humble or overly confident:

Humble cover letters and resumes don’t usually sell you as a serious candidate.  They wont highlight your strengths or abilities or scream “pick me”.  Equally overly confident documents are off-putting, giving the impression that you think you are great.  You need to strike a healthy balance between the two.


Lying in your documents:

There is never a good reason to lie and there is a good chance you will get discovered.  So why bother lying at all?  Save yourself the embarrassment and be open, honest and transparent in your documents.


More resume mistakes to avoid

To see more resume mistakes and hints for effective resume writing, CV writing, cover letter writing and follow up letter writing, read this post by


If you are finding it difficult to write your resume or cover letter, why not contact me today, I will be more than happy to help you.


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