Writing Tips: Avoid Text Speak

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Writing Tips: Avoiding Text Speak

Have you ever visited an online forum or logged onto Facebook to be faced with so much text speak that you have no idea what the writer is trying to say? Have you spent what felt like hours trying to de-riddle a text someone sent to you because there are barely any ‘normal’ words in there?  If so, you probably came away from the experience thinking: “why can’t people write properly?” which is exactly the same thought I have.  Annoyingly in the modern world, we have no real reason to use text speak.  We have predictive text now and unlike when phones first came out, we are no longer limited to the character count of a text. OK, you are limited to 140 characters if you use Twitter.  But in the majority of situations there are no limitations and therefore in my eyes, no excuse to write poorly.


Writing Help: your writing reflects on you

It’s easy to form an impression of the writer without even seeing them. Do you really want people making a negative judgement about you based on the way you write? Make no mistake, people will make judgements, especially if they struggle to read what you’re trying to say. The whole point of writing something is to communicate, and if your audience is struggling to understand the meaning because of the abbreviations you use, you are failing in your purpose.


Writing Advice: know your audience

Whenever you sit down to write, think about your audience. It may be fine to use “u” and “lol” when you’re sending a text to a friend, but is this type of writing suitable for let’s say, website content writing which could eventually be read by millions of people? Or a job application where your success relies on the quality of your application documents?  Also, you need to consider that everything you post online is public property, which means if you swamp your Facebook account or blog with text speak, there is a chance that this might be seen by people you hadn’t intended to read it.


Lisa Thomas Writing Services

As a professional writer I consider it extremely important to write properly.  If your writing doesn’t communicate your message, if it cannot be understood, then what is the point?  If you come across any text speak you to not understand, contact Lisa Thomas Writing Services.  Together we will unravel the puzzle.

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