Gain authority in your industry through quality content writing

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Gain authority in your industry through quality content writing

One of the best ways to gain authority in your industry is through quality content writing (or using a professional content writing service).  By using your content to inform and advise, you develop a trust with your audience, they become confident that you are a professional.  This leads to your audience building and your business reputation strengthening.


How quality content writing can help you to gain authority in the industry

The internet has made it much easier for individuals to start their own businesses, and lots have.  The number of new online businesses established continues to grow, which unfortunately makes the market very saturated.  In a competitive market like this your business has to stand out.  It has to become a leader in the industry and a company that consumers and competitors alike, are familiar with.    The best way to do this is with high quality content writing which informs, entertains and attracts a wider audience.  A lot of businesses will do the bear minimum when it comes to content writing and this shows from their website and social media.  You can use this to your advantage by creating thoughtful and interesting content that brings people to your website, helping your company to stand out from the masses of others.


Tips from a professional content writing service

High quality content writing isn’t something most people find easy, especially if they are also attempting to optimise the content for SEO.  However, it can be done and to help you, here are some helpful tips:


1. Write posts that teach and inform your audience.

Think about problems your audience have, or things they might want to learn about, then share your knowledge and answer their questions with quality content writing.

2. Update your audience on industry news.

Show that you are a leader and you are at the forefront of your industry, by keeping your audience up-to-date on industry news as it happens.

3. Be clear in your message, use language that is easy to understand.

Avoid using jargon or any language that people might not understand.  You might think this kind of language makes you appear professional and smart, but this can alienate your audience.  Keep things simple and where you do use jargon or complex language, explain it.

4. Host webinars.

Offer to share your knowledge with others by hosting webinars and inviting other to join you.  make sure the content of these webinars educates and informs and is industry specific.  This shows your expertise and knowledge and builds confidence in you and your business.

5. Write some more advanced content, e.g. an e-book or a how-to guide.

If you aren’t comfortable with hosting a webinar, or if you want to try an alternative medium, consider writing an informative piece of text and inviting people to download it for free.

6. Become a guest blogger.

By blogging on other websites you are showing your knowledge to a wider audience, one that you might not have otherwise had access too.  By blogging on another website and linking back to your own, you are increasing traffic to your site.

7. Be active in social media.

Social media use is on the rise and as businesses we need to embrace it.  We need to see this is a wonderful, free opportunity to communicate directly to our target audience. Use a mixture of different posts and consider running incentives for your audience to share your business with others.  Also, make sure you link your social media profile back to your own website.

8. Use long-tail, informational keyword phrases, such as “how to…” instead of shorter keywords.

Being  specific in the keywords you use means you are much more likely to attract your target audience.  By which I mean people who are looking for the information you are sharing.  Shorter keywords are much more ambiguous.


Taking the time to create quality content writing has massive benefits to you. But if you don’t have the time, you can always outsource this to a professional content writing service.

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