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Your personal statement is an incredibly important part of your application.  And if you’re given the option to write a personal statement, you should always that that opportunity.   Your resume might show your experience and education, but your personal statement shows much more than that.  It shows your passion, what inspired you to apply, what you have learned from your experiences and your goals for the future.  It gives the reader a sense of who you are.  Not to put too much pressure on, but the success of your application could depend on the personal statement being well written and making you stand out from the crowd.  With this in mind, you should carefully plan your personal statement writing. To help you do this, I have put together a handy little personal statement help guide.


Criteria for your personal statement writing:

Sometimes you will be asked to write a personal statement and you will be given certain criteria.  You might be asked to answer a question(s), you might be given a word count limit, you might have been asked to format the document a certain way.  Read this criteria carefully and make sure you stick to it.  This shows that you take and follow instructions well and that you have attention to detail.   And, you’ll need this information when it comes to planning your personal statement writing.


What do you want to include when you write a personal statement?

Think about what you want and don’t want to include when you write your personal statement.  Remember, this shouldn’t just be a re-hash of your resume.  You can mention aspects of your resume, but only to make a point in your statement, not to repeat the same details.  When you are choosing what information to include, keep in mind any questions you have been asked to answer and make sure the information is relevant to the application.

Try to cover the following:

  • What made you interested in pursuing this area?
  • What are your short and long term objectives? (i.e. what do you see yourself doing in 5 years, 10 years etc.)
  • What have you done so far to achieve your goals?
  • How will this application help you to achieve your goals?
  • What skills/knowledge have you gained that makes you stand out from the other candidates?


A good personal statement writer plans

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Planning how you are going to write a personal statement is the key to a strong document.  A good plan will help you to create a good structure and flow, and make sure you don’t forget to include all the points you want to make.

Split your plan into parts/sections.  Allocate a section for each of the questions in the criteria. For each of the parts, bullet point the information you want to include within that section.  Here is an example of a plan for someone applying to university:

  1. What piqued your interest in studying this field.
  2. Educational achievements, research, presentations and publications, seminars and workshops.
  3. Professional and volunteer experiences
  4. Career goals and how this course will help in achieving these goals.
  5. Why you would be a good fit for the course and a concluding sentence.


Personal Statement help: tips to create the perfect document

  • Keep it direct and concise.  Remember there will be lots of other applicants and the admissions committee will have personal statements and CV’s to read for each one.  Try to keep your document to one, two pages long maximum.
  • Only include relevant information.  If you talk about how great you are at volleyball, you need to say how this is related to your application.  For example, “I played volleyball for three years, learning skills in discipline, team-work and leadership “.
  • Provide evidence.  If you say you have done or learnt something, try to back it up with an example of a particular experience.  You don’t need to do this for each and every point you make, just select your best two or three examples.
  • Use positive wording. Avoid saying things like ‘I am going to try to get good grades’ and instead say ‘I firmly believe with hard work and a dedication to my studies I will gain excellent grades’.

Remember, professional personal statement help is always available.  Whether you want to have your personal statement edited or written completely from scratch, Lisa Thomas Writing Service is here to help.

For more information on the personal statement help I offer, see here.

Lisa Thomas Writing Services would like to wish you the best of luck for your application.


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