Writing Services Grammar: Punctuation you never knew existed

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Lisa Thomas Writing Services Grammar Patrol strikes again!  This time it is punctuation marks you never knew existed!

And just when you think you know everything there is to know about punctuation, you find 13 punctuation marks that you’d never even heard of before:  (Sourced from:  http://www.buzzfeed.com/expresident/13-punctuation-marks-that-you-never-knew-existed)

1.  Dagger (Obelisk): used to cut out superfluous and unimportant parts of your written text.

2. Caret (Up-Arrow/ a Wedge/ a Hat): Caret means “it lacks” in Latin, and it is used to highlight that there is something from the original text.

3. Solidus (Shilling Mark):  Looks like a backslash, but at a much steeper an angle, it is used to separate different values of currency.

4.  Asterism: This mark is used for indicating minor breaks in texts.  Some consider it to also mean “untitled”.

5.  Guillemets:  The marks are often used as quotation marks, particularly in non-English languages.

6.  Because Sign:  This is the Therefore sign on its head, instead of meaning therefore, it means because.

7.  Section Sign: This mark is used to highlight the different sections of a piece of text.

8.  Exclamation Comma: This mark is used as a way of expressing excitement at something without having to end your sentence entirely.

9.   Question Comma:  This mark is used as a way of questioning something without having to end the sentence.

10.   Interrobang:  This fun punctuation mark is a combination of both the exclamation mark and the question mark.  Personally I prefer this to using…?!

11.   Hedera: This pretty punctuation mark is used to mark paragraph breaks in a piece of text.

12.   Pilcrow: Another punctuation mark that is used for paragraph breaks, though perhaps not as pretty as the last one.

13.   Snark (Percontation Point/ Irony Mark):  This is used to indicate a double meaning in a sentence (usually of an ironic or sarcastic nature).


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